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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Are your relatives calling you? They want to know what the summer plans are. 

Well before you give away all your dates to in-laws, make sure you mark your calendars!

July 8-10, 2016
Greenfield State Park, NH

"Day Campers" invited to join us on Saturday, July 9th*

*Please note that Maureen Ronayne is in charge of the campout this year. Her information is below.*


1. If you know you are coming (or when you decide you are coming), please use this form, so we can keep track of how many people and WHO we are expecting to meet at the park! Ultimately, I will need everyone to fill out this form, so I have names and numbers in case of any emergency. So go ahead and fill it out ASAP.

2. The dates for this camping trip are July 8-10. We will plan to camp at Greenfield State Park in Greenfield, NH - about an hour-and-a-half drive from Arlington. This park has come highly recommended as a fun and easy park for family camping. The park features camping (with toilets/showers), hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and a camp store.

3. Make your reservations now! To get more information on the park, see:

4. Reservations are through Reserve America, and can be found here. We will try to cluster our group around campsite #44 on the small loop near Beaver Pond. A map is here.

There are no cabins. You can bring a tent, rent a tent from REI, borrow a tent from a friend, or make a tent (boyscouts anyone?). Cost for a campsite per night is $25 + a small processing fee. This is for two adults and their dependent children. If you plan on bringing a pet, please read the park's pet policy VERY CAREFULLY and be sure to reserve a site which allows pets... since most sites prohibit pets.

Greenfield State Park Ranger "Harry" was extremely generous to answer my many questions over the phone. He is friendly and helpful, and I can't wait to stay at his park! Ranger Harry recommends the "Small Loop," sites 26-64 for families with small children, because it is a loop with little traffic and close walking distances. For the most fun together, try to cluster our reservations around campsite #44.

5.This is our fourth Saint Agnes Family Group camping trip. It is meant to build community and friendships that will serve as an organic support network for people in our parish, as well as encourage you to give back to the community in the way you feel called.

Together, we will take on the great adventure of family camping! While we are really excited about this, we are using the good old KISS rule - Keep it Simple, Stupid. Therefore, we will distribute information about the campground, and a rough schedule of breakfast / activities / dinner / Sunday Masses, etc. However, each family will be primarily responsible for their own specific plans and accommodations. If you don't want to stay both nights - that's fine - come when you can. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your own camping trip, camping gear, CAMPING FOOD, and camping survival! We will not be caravanning or providing transportation. We will meet you there!

I will be happy to answer questions, post camping tips, attempt to anticipate concerns, etc. Feel free to contact Maureen Ronayne with questions ( See you there!


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