Service to our Neighbor

The Year of Mercy in Arlington
Looking around the Parish and the Town of Arlington, it is encouraging and inspiring that many of our parishioners are contributing their time and talent to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Here are just a few examples:
  • The Religious Education, Confirmation and RCIA programs (sharing our faith)
  • The Saint Vincent de Paul Society (clothing the poor)
  • Eucharistic Ministry to the Homebound (visiting the sick)
  • Boston Sock Exchange (giving drink to the thirsty; clothing the homeless)
  • Bereavement Group (comforting the afflicted mourning the loss of a loved one)
  • Saint Dymphna Society (comforting the afflicted suffering depression)
  • The Advent Giving Tree (clothing the homeless)
  • Funerals and acolytes (burying the dead)
  • Mass of Anointing (comforting the afflicted)
  • Memorial and Anniversary Masses (praying for the dead)
  • Arlington Food Pantry (giving food to the hungry)
  • Arlington Housing Corporation (sheltering the poor and the homeless)
This Jubilee Year of Mercy should be added incentive for us to volunteer in one or other of these ministries if we can. Failing that, we can contribute to their work through our prayers and, if possible, our financial support. Beyond Arlington, the opportunities for volunteering abound: for example, Saint Francis House, a day-shelter for the homeless on Boylston Street, Boston, is always looking for volunteers to work in their kitchen, dining room and clothing department. On a more private note, each of us has the opportunity of performing two very important spiritual works of mercy: bearing wrongs patiently and forgiving offenses willingly -- if only we can pray for God’s grace and summon up the courage to do so.

Boston Sock Exchange
The Boston Sock Exchange helps the homeless men and women of Boston, by distributing gifts of sandwiches and clothes near the Park Street T-Stop on the second Saturday of the month. Prep and packaging for the day is held in the Saint Agnes Parish Center on the preceding Friday night at 7:00 pm (usually the second Friday of the month). Help and/or donations is a wonderful way to put your faith in action! For more information, see the calendar to the right, or email Sheila O'Brien (ObriensMo [at]

The Boston Sock Exchange is currently in need of small 8 oz. bottled water, SOCKS, and men's and women's summer clothes. We also need rain gear: ponchos and umbrellas. You can leave donations in the bins at the back of the lower church. Thank you!

"One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anyone." -Mother Teresa-

Family Project:
in conjunction with Boston Sock Exchange
The Boston Sock Exchange and Parish Outreach will begin this year to work together, to provide a way for others to participate in this homeless ministry.  The new "family project" gives parents a concrete way to include small children, and which people of limited mobility can fulfill during a simple trip to the grocery.

We invite you to create a personal care package, much like those which are on the Giving Tree during Christmastime. While you put this package together, remember to pray for the homeless person who will receive it. This is a way to participate in both corporal and spiritual Works of Mercy. You can bring the packages to Mass on the FIRST weekend of the month and deposit in a bin that will be at the back of church. Please bring packages only on the first weekend, for use during the second Saturday BSE handout. If you do this with your children, teens could be encouraged to give alms by saving money to pay for their own care packages. If you have questions about this project, or would like to help with package collection on the first weekend of the month, please email Marianne Hudelson ( Thank you!

Please bring the following 
SAMPLE-SIZE items in a GALLON Ziploc bag
on the weekend of June 4-5 ONLY.
Parishioners with last names A-L are asked to bring men’s products, 
while those with last names M-Z are asked to bring women’s products. 

Baby powder
Pocket Tissues
Disposable Razor
Pocket Hairbrush
Note of caring